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it will create an enriching Teaching environment through world-class learning content along with digital tools that simplify every classroom operation.

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User Friendly

We explain everything in detail and take care of even the smallest things. The app interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

Neyyar Connect

Neyyar Connect's discussion forum and learning groups help you interact with students and peers around the world.

360° Support

It automates operations, boosts efficiency, and reduces overheads with the most powerful platforms and teachers, and institutes management.

Be A Teacher

We gives you all the support you need to become a successful teacher.

Don't let your dreams be dreams

A successful teacher is aware of how important it is to keep updated on news, academic developments, technology, and other topics and we  make your teaching easier with the right tools and resources .

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Set Your Curriculum

Having a plan is essential. If you have to teach a collection of materials in a way that is cohesive and understandable, writing a curriculum can be a helpful method to plan content. In a classroom context, a well-planned curriculum benefits students, and professionals can get professional growth from an articulate curriculum.

Add Students

You have direct access to students who are already on the Neyyar app.
Based on your own knowledge and available time, you will be matched with students who need help in school, college, or any other area and provide them with personalized tutoring. You can also track student progress and take notes to get to know your students better.

Start Teaching

Reach your students through pre-recorded classes, interactive live classes, or a mix of both at your convenience. The classes are tailor made according to your own convenience.

Neyyar App was founded by Adv. Gireesh Neyyar with a vision to provide a platform for institutes and teachers to showcase their skills and reach a large audience of learners and take their career to the next level.

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