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About Us

Welcome to Neyyar App

Neyyar App is an online educational marketplace for everyone with something to teach and everyone with unending interest to learn. Apart from the conventional Learning management system, Neyyar App act as a global marketplace to sell your courses online with zero investment and get unlimited support in marketing and students management. Students can find wide category of online courses listed and select free or premium courses of their comfort. Tutors can support students with study materials, recorded classes and tests through the app, where learning is hassle free for students as we promise education with convenience to all!

The team Neyyar is led by Adv. Gireesh Neyyar, a lawyer, teacher and educational enthusiast with ample experience in education field and unending potency to bring life to dreams. His vision is guiding team Neyyar to be the best online educational marketplace in the nation and motivating the team to provide best-in-class service to the customers. Neyyar App is standing unbeatable in the market with the following features:

Teachers can sell courses with zero investment

Hybrid (Online and Offline) class management

Wide access to courses and study material

A new age learning management system (LMS)

Unending support from the team

International Certificate

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