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digital learning and teaching methods are better than conventional methods

The future of learning is digital. Here’s why!

Digital learning and online courses have become the norm nowadays, although we have followed our traditional teaching methods for thousands of years. There is little to no chance of completely replacing the old system, but there have been considerable changes in the educational system after introducing remote educational methods. This article plans to take a […]

amazing Online Apps for Work from home teachers

Amazing Online Tools for Remote Tutors

  Amazing Apps that make teaching online a breeze!   Online education is not a concept anymore. Ever since the pandemic opened the door for remote learning, this industry has rapidly evolved into a multi-billion dollar endeavour. As the technologies and demand grew, so did the workforce. Educational institutions and individual tutors have grown accustomed […]

Teach Teachers

7 Awesome reasons to teach with us!

Teaching is and always has been a noble profession. To excel in teaching, one must have immense passion and skill. We here at Neyyar App recognize this more than anyone else. An educator has the power to mold an entire generation of youth and must always be given the opportunity to do so. This is […]

neyyar app for teachers and students

Neyyar App: The All-inclusive Advanced Learning App

There are more than a hundred educational apps available in the market right now, but what percentage of that is useful? That’s a very hard question to answer. Almost all ed-tech apps are clones of bigger successful apps that mimic the features, designs, and offers available in others. This is not true for all apps, […]

Career Restart

Career break as a teacher? Time to restart your teaching profession!

Although a career gap in your resume is trumped up to sound like your career is about to end, it is not always the case. In this article, we’ll look at what a career break is and what you can do to overcome that career gap and find employment in the educational industry. So read […]

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