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Learn Class 10 Trigonometry in Neyyar App!

Class 10 Trigonometry Classes Explore Math ki Pathshala’s Class 10 trigonometry courses, available only in Neyyar App. Math ki Pathshala is going online through the Neyyar App to reach more students. They will offer classes for CBSE 10 Math, CBSE 12 Math, Degree Math, and Competitive Exam Math. Sulendar sir, the tutor at Math ki […]

3 Effective Pricing Strategies for Your Online Course

How to Price Your Online Course? Pricing your online course requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Many of the content creators who have a good content to sell contents struggle with pricing. They don’t always get a standard pricing strategy to follow. Since the course creation and selling is completely free with the help of […]

Free AI Tools to Create Online Course

Create Online Course with Free AI Tools Free AI tools make it easier and easier to make online classes every day. These tools do everything we need to make a beautiful course, from making a plan to answering students’ questions. This doesn’t mean it’s easy to make an online course, though. Making information for people […]

Plan Your Online Course: A Step-By-Step Guide

Plan Your Online Course: 7 Crucial Steps Planning is the important step to begin anything. A well planned project means its half done. Find the following 7 steps that are crucial for successfully building a profitable online course with zero budget-yes, with these steps, you’re going to take your online course the universe, with no […]


Math: No longer a problem!

You might agree with the statement that mathematics is a complex subject. However, we assure you that it is not. In fact, it is an simple subject. All you need is an efficient teacher to tell you all the tricks and tips needed to succeed. Neyyar app is pro ud to present our solution to […]

biology class

Biology class (NEET) by Snigdha Goswami

Biology is often remarked as one of the hardest subjects when studying for NEET exams. As biology has huge weightage and makes up almost half of the questions for NEET exams, there is no way to make the cutoff unless you have mastered this subject. Well, worry not, students, because your biology class will be […]

competitive exam preparation

Top 10 tips for Competitive Exam Preparation

How is your competitive exam preparation going? Do you want to know the best methods toppers follow inorder to crack competitive examinations? Here is an extensive guide to help point you in the right direction and achieve your goal. Keeping up with the present educational competition, this article will enlighten you on the best 10 […]


Algebra Made Easy By Math Ek Khel

The significance of algebra in the competitive exam cannot in any way be minimized or overlooked.    Understanding the fundamentals in addition to the more advanced methods and strategies associated with this subject, could be the deciding factor in determining whether or not you cross the cut-off mark.    Students who are studying for governmental […]

online tutor

5 Essential Qualities of an Online Tutor

A great online tutor might just be the only reason a student falls in love with a subject or end up hating it. Whether in a real or a virtual class, the duty of an educator remains the same. This means that each and every one of the tutors has to overcome certain difficulties to […]

Calling all educators and educational institutions

There is no reason to debate whether the world will forever be indebted to teachers or not. Of course, we are!   If it were not for a dedicated English teacher, I wouldn’t be here typing, and you would not be here reading. Every teacher helps in setting the young generations on the right path […]

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