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Learn CBSE Class 10 Science with Neyyar App

CBSE Class 10 Science Courses in Neyyar App If you’re a Class 10 student gearing up for your CBSE Science exams and aiming to achieve academic excellence through a trusted online platform, the Neyyar App is your ultimate destination. This comprehensive learning solution is designed to cater to your educational needs, ensuring a continuous and […]

Download Neyyar App for Online Dance Class

Join Online Dance Class in Neyyar App Dance is an art form that transcends language. It is a journey in which the body and soul collaborate to make the floor flourish in terms of aesthetics. Many people find happiness in dancing, but they suppress their desire to find time for their busy lives. Now is […]

Learn Class 10 CBSE Mathematics in Neyyar App

Score High in CBSE 10 Maths Exam Class 10 CBSE Mathematics is a difficult subject, For those who haven’t read this before! Both parents and students are concerned about how to pass the mathematics exam with a high score. There are numerous reasons for this concern. The main reason is that the CBSE 10 Maths […]

Learn Class 10 Trigonometry in Neyyar App!

Class 10 Trigonometry Classes Explore Math ki Pathshala’s Class 10 trigonometry courses, available only in Neyyar App. Math ki Pathshala is going online through the Neyyar App to reach more students. They will offer classes for CBSE 10 Math, CBSE 12 Math, Degree Math, and Competitive Exam Math. Sulendar sir, the tutor at Math ki […]

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