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digital learning and teaching methods are better than conventional methods

The future of learning is digital. Here’s why!

Digital learning and online courses have become the norm nowadays, although we have followed our traditional teaching methods for thousands of years. There is little to no chance of completely replacing the old system, but there have been considerable changes in the educational system after introducing remote educational methods. This article plans to take a deep dive into this topic and figure out if the future is, in fact, digital or not. So without any more delay, let’s begin:


The defining advantages digital teachers have over traditional teachers:


1) Adaptability


Imagine how quickly and easily online apps can add a new feature to their educational platform compared to how time-consuming it is to add a new feature to an educational institution. This is because most features, like video calls, reminders, whiteboards, etc., are already familiar to teachers and students, so there is no time wasted on implementing and learning how to use those tools.


2) Time and cost-effective

When talking about online and offline teaching methods, two factors stand out the most for both teachers and students alike: the wastage of time and money to commute to and from their place of teaching and learning. Online teachers have the added comfort that is not possible for traditional teachers who have to make their way to the institution.


3) Online and offline interaction


While teachers have limited contact with students during off-school hours, online tutors have many methods of contacting students and parents alike if the need arises. This advantage possed by online educators creates a huge advantage in scenarios like communicating an emergency or informing students about some critical information.


4) Customized learning experience

Online teachers have the luxury of crafting their classrooms with timings, duration, and ideal class strength. This creates a place of learning where each teacher can divide their attention equally among all students, unlike in traditional settings where teachers are not allowed such flexibility. Each teacher can devise a classroom according to their specification and teaching capacity.


5) More accessibility and feedback

rating and review

With online teaching comes accessibility. Every teacher can broadcast their lessons across the internet, increasing their reach exponentially. Teachers and students can provide Feedback and suggestions to one another faster—no more location-wise restrictions and barriers for teachers to teach and learners to learn.


6) More tools to work with

online tools

Online educators are blessed with automated reminders, auto-generated timetables, and powerful analytics that allow them to deeply observe their student’s progress in learning and pinpoint exactly where they need to work. Faster valuation and quicker report generation has to lead to more students staying focused and improving in their respective fields.




Due to higher accessibility and cost-effectiveness, one can assume that the digital teaching method will reign supreme over the traditional method and eventually dominate the ed-tech field. Effective teachers can overcome all odds of teaching online and skillfully guide their students. This can-do attitude, along with state-of-the-art features, helps the faculties of the Neyyar App outperform their competition easily. Join us to take your teaching skills to the next level. Gain exposure and experience the new age of teaching with the Neyyar App. Become a part of an elite community of skilled teaching professionals and make yourself a career as an online educator. 

The Neyyar App provides teachers with several helpful features that they can use to create engaging and interactive lessons. Some of these features include:

– Live streaming

– Video conferencing

– Screen sharing

– Virtual whiteboard

– Real-time chat

– 24×7 technical support

With these features, teachers can create truly unique and immersive learning experiences for their students. Not only do these features help teachers to connect with their students on a more personal level, but they also allow teachers to deliver more engaging and effective classes.

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