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Career Restart

Career break as a teacher? Time to restart your teaching profession!

Although a career gap in your resume is trumped up to sound like your career is about to end, it is not always the case. In this article, we’ll look at what a career break is and what you can do to overcome that career gap and find employment in the educational industry. So read on to find out more about your options as a teacher with a career gap.


What exactly is a career break or a career gap?


A career gap/break means that a person was not employed or was not seeking employment for a certain period in their career. This can be due to personal or professional reasons. There can be numerous valid reasons for a person to take a career break like:

  • Having a child or raising a family.
  • Medical conditions that prevent you from working in an office.
  • Furthering your education.
  • Managing one’s physical and mental well-being.
  • Trying to switch careers.
  • Working on a passion project.
  • Traveling the world and getting in touch with yourself.


All the reasons mentioned above can, however, be used by future employers to exploit your talent and reduce your pay when you try to land another job after a number of months/years. Whatever your reason is, they see you and immediately think of you as a person who is potentially out of touch with the latest trends and lacking the newly developed talents that others in this field already possess. So what can you do about it? How can you continue in the educational field as a teacher and without being affected by the career gap?


Well, you’ll be happy to know that online tutors are in demand these days, especially if you are an experienced teacher and have a lot of knowledge to share with others. Online tutors have several additional benefits compared to traditional teachers, including the advantage of working from home, effectively reducing travel time and travel costs to zero. 


Does being your own boss sound cool to you?



Let me introduce to you the new face of online education: the Neyyar App. Neyyar App has been revolutionary for the ed-tech industry as it connects students to courses, teachers to students, and booksellers to customers. This means that as a teacher, you can launch your own course in the Neyyar app and gain access to thousands of potential students. We will provide all the technical and marketing facilities needed to sell your course and will only charge a 30% fee if your course turns a profit; if not, we won’t charge a thing!



The best part about being a tutor on Neyyar is that there is no limit on how much money you make or how many hours you work at home per week, as it’s up to your willingness and commitment level. If you have a talent for teaching, then we will make sure your voice is heard all over the world.


This is a win-win situation for any teacher who wants to start their career again or for a teacher who wants to switch careers and become a work-at-home tutor. The only criteria for partnering up with our app are that you must be passionate about teaching.


So why sleep on such an amazing opportunity? Change your destiny with the Neyyar App and be part of the future of online learning. Click here to download the Neyyar app and begin your new career as an online tutor. If you’re willing to fly, we’ll help you reach the stars.


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