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Plan Your Online Course: A Step-By-Step Guide

Plan Your Online Course: 7 Crucial Steps

Planning is the important step to begin anything. A well planned project means its half done. Find the following 7 steps that are crucial for successfully building a profitable online course with zero budget-yes, with these steps, you’re going to take your online course the universe, with no cost!

Step 1: Find Your Niche for Online Course

Every content creator is digging deep to find a niche to create online courses. Now, what is a niche? Niche for a content creator is the specific topic in which he or she has knowledge. Note that your level of knowledge and category of the topic is irrelevant to find your niche. Just think of Rayan, whose Rayan’s world was a global hit on YouTube-crazily, what was his niche? Playing with toys!! Now it’s your turn to write down all the things you are good at.

Step 2: Find Target Group for Your Online Course 

Finding a niche is a crazy task that needs time listing-down, filtering and finally picking one or two from the whole list. Now, who’ll listen to your online classes? Back to Rayan’s world, he had kids, parents and people nostalgic about toys as his target audience-to be more specific. Now think about your online course, who is going to find your courses as interesting or useful? Is that a huge crowd, or do you end up with your neighbors and friends? Think seriously and try to make a specific list of reachable people.

Step 3: Find the Gap in the Market

Gap means unfulfilled needs, in marketing. When it comes to selling an online course, the gap is those factors that people who are selling courses in your niche (like Pepsi for Coca-Cola) don’t give but their audience are waiting for. For example, if consumers of Coca-Cola want the drink in many colors, but the company is selling them in one color alone, then there is a gap.

 How to find that gap in your niche? This where your target audience have to be “reachable”. Keep asking them what they would like to have if an online course on a specific topic was made by someone. This will help you to introduce your course with a fresh look, though high-earning competitors are there in the market. 

Step 4: Create a Strategy for Your Online Course

Now it is time to figure it out! Keeping your niche as the heading and the gap you found and the subheading (in bold letters) start writing down a detailed structure for your online course. The structure of the course can be copied from anywhere, with these three levels- Beginners, intermediate and advanced (not mandatory). The strategy should have a flow of continuity, from the beginning till the end.

Step 5: Discuss With Experts

Finalizing the course structure requires advice from experts-don’t misunderstand the word “expert” to be an ultimate prodigy. This can be any human being (I repeat, H.U.M.A.N B.E.I.N.G) who is working in (or in touch with) your specific niche. If you are planning to run online courses on cutlery art, get the best-in-class advice from your foodie buddy!  Their want may be the ultimate need of the industry. 

Step 6: Choose Your Tools to Create Course

After successfully formulating a course structure, find what all resources you’ll need to actualize your course. This can be done easily by listing down your needs and matching it with tools available. For instance, if you want to record your online course as video lessons, you’ll need a high quality camera. If you want to make highly attractive presentations for your online classes, you can ‘hire’ Canva to build your presentations. There are a number of free tools available online, even powered by AI, that can reduce your effort to the least.

Step 7: Choose an Online Platform to Sell Your Course

“When the product is ready, the market will appear!” will be the advice you can get in the 1880s, free of cost. But this thought is rubbish in this century. It is the skill and intelligence of the seller to find the best marketplace. When it comes to selling online courses, 2023 has an interesting answer for you- Neyyar App! Neyyar app is the best online platform to sell your course at zero expense. When you download Neyyar App as a teacher to sell your courses, the team will contact you with full support that continues till your course reaches heights. Being a space to teach anything and learn everything, you’ll be taking your course to wide-range of students in Neyyar App.

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