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Math: No longer a problem!

You might agree with the statement that mathematics is a complex subject. However, we assure you that it is not. In fact, it is an simple subject. All you need is an efficient teacher to tell you all the tricks and tips needed to succeed. Neyyar app is pro ud to present our solution to your puzzling math questions: ‘Delhi Tuition Center.


What makes Delhi Tuition Center so great?


Class 9 math has a difficulty range that directly depends on our approach towards it. Located in Delhi, This fine institution has been for around ten years in the field of education for and has taught numerous students the secret to mastering mathematics. With a decade of experience under them, The Delhi tuition centre is a reputed place of excellence. Well structured courses along with practice tests, doubt clearing sessions and skilled teachers are the keys to mastering any subject. We here at Neyyar App are confident that any student who attends this math course will have the confidence to approach math as an easy subject.


This class comprises of 5 model exams and doubt-clearing sessions on top of video classes on the complete 9th std. Maths. Neyyar app also offers chat support and mentor support along with this fantastic course. The price of this course is ₹400 (Excluding G.S.T) for 24 months (2 years). This curriculum includes two sections divided into nine lectures. So say goodbyes to your math-related worries and concerns today itself.


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