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5 Essential Qualities of an Online Tutor

A great online tutor might just be the only reason a student falls in love with a subject or end up hating it. Whether in a real or a virtual class, the duty of an educator remains the same. This means that each and every one of the tutors has to overcome certain difficulties to convert their old and traditional teaching methods to better suit the need of today’s online classes. Today we discuss the question: What makes a remote tutor excellent? What qualities make them stand apart from the other tutors? How can you better yourself as an online tutor? So let’s get on with the list, shall we?


1) Adaptability 

Yep. The ability to adapt is critical for any educator that has not previously worked in a remote setting before. Teaching in a virtual class is so much different from teaching in an actual classroom. Educators who are used to the idea of being physically present in the class will now have to adapt to teaching an entire classroom of students by looking at a webcam. This forces the online tutor to adapt both their teaching style as well as their interactions with the students.


2) Be familiar with Technology

Children of this generation are more or less digital natives meaning they grew up with all sorts of digital Technology that allows them to easily navigate the functions of an app. In case you are not that tech-savvy or lack the necessary exposure to such a medium, then it is essential that you familiarise yourself with the workings of a digital platform before you begin taking classes. You don’t have to be a tech wizard, but it certainly helps if you know your way around the digital world.


3) Patience 

I believe this goes for all teachers, irrespective of their mode of teaching. A good online tutor should be able to accommodate even the slowest of learners and help them attain knowledge. Children of all capacities will be present in any respective class, but a dedicated teacher has to bring them all into the same fold and encourage them to love learning.


4) Motivate 

Irrespective of age or status, everyone can use some motivation from time to time, but this is especially true in the case of students. Each and every student will form doubt in their mind and whether they ask the teacher is entirely up to your attitude towards them and vice versa. Students should be motivated and urged to ask doubts as they not only make learning more interactive but also helps the students thoroughly grasp their lessons. A great educator will always motivate students to follow their dreams and help them achieve success in life.


5) Receptive of Feedback

Criticism can be hard to swallow, especially when coming from students who are much younger than you. Do not let your ego dictate your mood, and accept all kinds of feedback, both positive and negative. An educator is responsible for changing and adapting to the needs of his/her students and must always strive for perfection. 


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