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Free AI Tools to Create Online Course

Create Online Course with Free AI Tools

Free AI tools make it easier and easier to make online classes every day. These tools do everything we need to make a beautiful course, from making a plan to answering students’ questions. This doesn’t mean it’s easy to make an online course, though. Making information for people is always a job for people! With the help of free AI tools, let’s look at how to make making highly marketable online classes easier.

Ideation of Your Courses

The first step in making plans to make an online course is to come up with ideas. The first step is to find our niche and the hole in that area. With the help of study tools like Quora, which lists questions from regular people, you can come up with ideas for an online course. ChatGPT is the most famous free A. I. tool that can do research work for us. But remember that the free-version of ChatGPT is limited with access to data till 2021.

Writer for Your Online Course

It can cost a lot to hire a writer to write content for an online course. But the role of a writer (specifically, content writers). Content creators don’t have to worry, though, because there are many online tools that can help them write content. ChatGPT is a good option, where A. I. writers like Jasper A. I. are free A. I. tools relied on by experts in the field. 

Designers at Zero Cost

Designing is another task that arises as an issue when we are creating courses to sell online. Canva is one of the most trusted free online tools that are trusted by people creating presentations and social media posts. There are also many Free A. I. tools available for creating contents. Ideogram is trending as a tool to create posts for social media with stunning looks. Canva acts as a free A. I. Tools that help in converting documents to slides. 

Create videos for Your Online Course 

Creating videos consume more time of the course creator. Free A. I.  Tools like Invedio have the magic to create videos in seconds, creative like a pro editor! Videos will have everything you want, and if you can explain your imagination through prompts that you provide them with.

Avatars Will Teach Your Course!

Avatars have been trending from the day it was introduced in social media. With the arrival of A. I. tools, talking A. I. become the talk of the cyber world as it created threats equal to its opportunities. But being a seller of online courses, we should bother about the opportunities alone. Vidnoz is a popular free A. I. tool to create talking avatars, who can speak wonderfully based on the script that you provide. 

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