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Connect with Learners: 3 Tips to Market Your Online Course 

How to market your online course

How to Market Your Online Course?

Marketing your online course is important like finding a niche for your online course, creating the course and finding the best platform to sell your course. This is because our mischievous beliefs say there would be at least 7 people like you, around the world- and at least two of them have started selling courses in your expertise subject. This causes competition in the market, and confusion among purchasers, which one should they choose. to scale the sales of your course among these competitors, market your course with some special tactics that your course appears before the purchaser. Let us discuss some such marketing tactics for online courses.

Create Network to Market Your Online Course

Networking is the greatest asset you can have in sales. People can upgrade and degrade you like nothing else. So your success in sales is much related to how you keep your connections with the people around you, and how you utilize it. Networks can initiate the first effort to sell your course to others, with word-of-mouth publicity. This network should begin with people whom you trust the most, and should expand to people who they trust the most. So it is clear that you can begin building a network for marketing your online course from your friends, colleagues and family- but the linking factor between each unit should be trust, and trust alone!

Social Media Marketing for Online Course

Social media would be an awesome tool to market your online course. What you need is little effort and time spent in the right direction. The word right direction is double-underlined because many marketers make mistakes in social media and blame Zuckerburg for not getting good results- don’t do that. Each Social media account has an algorithm that has the capacity to understand what should go viral, and what posts don’t even deserve a like. Try to understand this from the words of experts and ensure you fall in the good-book of the algorithm. Make sure that marketing of your courses through social media has a decent design, hook sentences and clarity in CTA. Try to understand how giants in EdTech do to market their online courses through social media. Keep researching and testing in social media and one day, for sure, a light bulb will go over your head!

Content Marketing for Your Online Courses

Content marketing is widely considered as a subject where many sales-prodigies failed to succeed; because for them, content means just product description and features of the product. But in the current digital world, content means the consumable answer to the queries of people who search on the internet. The mantra is simple- “ Give them what they need and not what you want to tell them.” This is applicable even when you are there to market your online course. But what content should you create? It depends on the type of online course you are selling. Think you are selling a course on cycling. Then what content should you use for marketing?

Show-off your cycling skills through stunning reels, and create a carousel with the title “ How to be a pro-rider in a bicycle: 8 tips you need to know”. Remember day-1 won’t give you the desired result. be consistent in providing content related to the topic of the course you want to sell. this will take you to people who are interested in the topic. Build a relationship between them, Try to interact with them, whenever possible. This will smoothen your process of creating a channel to which you can nudge your courses, that automate selling them with forcing factors, the content you create, for your online course.

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