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biology class

Biology class (NEET) by Snigdha Goswami

Biology is often remarked as one of the hardest subjects when studying for NEET exams. As biology has huge weightage and makes up almost half of the questions for NEET exams, there is no way to make the cutoff unless you have mastered this subject. Well, worry not, students, because your biology class will be handled by none other than Ms Snigdha Goswami. These classes completely cover all important topics and provide both mentor support and chat support.


Ms Snigdha has been in the ed-tech field for more than four years and is a true expert. She is an exceptional biology tutor and is considered one of the best in the country by many people. She will be handling many sections of your Biology NEET syllabus. With a master’s degree in Zoology and in-depth knowledge and interest in biology, Ms Snigdha Goswami has achieved great heights as a NEET teacher. Her biology classes are in demand all over India due to her exceptional work ethic and dedication to the field. It is her firm belief that the best way for students to learn is when we visualize the concepts and explain them to them in a simple manner. We here at Neyyar App are proud to have such talented faculties, among many others.


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