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amazing Online Apps for Work from home teachers

Amazing Online Tools for Remote Tutors


Amazing Apps that make teaching online a breeze!


Online education is not a concept anymore. Ever since the pandemic opened the door for remote learning, this industry has rapidly evolved into a multi-billion dollar endeavour. As the technologies and demand grew, so did the workforce. Educational institutions and individual tutors have grown accustomed to providing quality education to their students using the internet. Here is a list of free apps that will help improve the quality of education you can provide as a remote educator. In a world where teaching itself has stiff competition, these apps might give you the edge you need to stay on top. The first entry in our list is:



Google Forms (Online Quiz and Feedback)



This versatile app is best suited for surveys but can also cater to the needs of educators as well. Google forms can be utilized to conduct quizzes with ease and can provide you with accurate results almost immediately. This handy little tool is completely free of charge and can help check the progress of students and collect feedback if needed.


Zoom (Conducting Class)



Zoom gained tremendous popularity during the lockdown period of the pandemic. Where premium video calling services like Skype continued to stick on to their paid model, apps like google meet and zoom offered their services completely free of charge. Teachers especially found these two apps to be extremely useful because of their user interface and easy, efficient design. Although zoom is preferred as an app for work, it can also be used as a classroom app.



AWW (Whiteboard App)



This app is a lifesaver for a teacher who is used to teaching with a board. AWW is a digital whiteboard app that can be integrated with video calling apps like zoom to help make the learning experience more effortless. A whiteboard might be critical for subjects with numerical problems, and this app will allow you to have that function.



Loom (Reminder/Updater)



Loom is a nifty little app that lets you record small videos and send them to students immediately. They claim that by addressing using loom instead of traditional apps like zoom and skype, the duration of the meetings can be reduced up to 29 percent. Use the loom app to assign verbal and visual tasks like homework and as a reminder.



YouTube (Online Video Lecture)



YouTube has a vast catalogue of videos ranging from entertainment to educational material that can be utilized for free. Sharing useful and detailed videos created by other YouTubers may help students understand the concepts and save time that would have been used in creating lectures. It is also possible to record your classes online on YouTube and share them with your students.



WhatsApp (Social Media App)



Tutors will have to stay in touch with their students not only during their classes but also after class times as well. They must be connected via some online social apps to relay important announcements and notifications to students regarding their studies, timetable changes, and curriculum changes, if any. WhatsApp allows you to create groups with a varying number of participants, which will be beneficial for passing messages along and maintaining a channel for communication. Should the need ever arise, this app call also be used for audio and video calls as well.



Neyyar App (Everything)



Yep. You read that right, Neyyar app is like the combination of all the above-mentioned entries and much more. This app has it all and is jam-packed with features like white board facility, open-model, hybrid software, 24×7 support, and powerful analytical tools. You can conduct live classes and offer recorded classes according to your comfort. Not to mention that you have the creative freedom and the right to set the price of the course you are offering. Get 70% of the revenue earned and other amazing perks and benefits in exchange for these amazing amenities.



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