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7 Awesome reasons to teach with us!

Teaching is and always has been a noble profession. To excel in teaching, one must have immense passion and skill. We here at Neyyar App recognize this more than anyone else. An educator has the power to mold an entire generation of youth and must always be given the opportunity to do so. This is one of the sole reasons behind the creation of the Neyyar app. Our team is dead set on giving educators, be it an individual, or an institution, the necessary tools and environment to outperform their competitors, Reach their target audience, and earn handsomely in the process. Home tutors are a thing of the past, Let’s step into the future, Together.

Here are some of the amazing perks you stand to gain when you get on board with us at Neyyar App:


1) What’s in it for you?



Here at Neyyar, you’ll have the freedom to charge whatever you like for the courses you are offering, and if you decide to give your course completely free of charge? Then that’s alright with us too. For the courses that you do charge, we’ll get 30% of the fees in exchange for the facilities and assistance that we provide you. This is our clear and transparent deal. Pay only if you are getting paid more than us.


2) Teach at your time and your convenience 



That’s right, With our app, you’ll have every right to teach whenever you want, wherever you like. You will get to decide the hours and you will get to decide the place. It is our understanding that this degree of freedom and flexibility will allow tutors to focus more on teaching than fixating on trivial things like changing weather or rising bus fares.


3) Global exposure 



With the Neyyar app’s global reach you’ll be able to reach students everywhere in the world which is impossible to do offline. So, forget those pesky geographical boundaries and hop on into the world of digital learning. Once your course goes live, it will be instantly accessible to millions of students across multiple platforms and devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.


4) Unlimited Potential




Most people are good at only a few things while some people are great at many things. If you think you possess the talent to pass on your knowledge efficiently then why limit yourself to just one subject? Here, you’ll have no limit to learning or teaching, be it one subject or one hundred. Design a course and launch it on our Neyyar app, earn revenue and change your life for the better.


5) 24×7 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system



Neyyar App provides state-of-the-art technologies and marketing facilities to all its partners. We will stop at nothing until we make your course stand out among the rest of the potential competition. With online amenities like Live classes and in-app social groups, all teachers and institutes can freely interact with their students and directly address their concerns. Institutes will be able to manage the teaching faculties and maintain and edit timetables as well as curriculum, all at a moment’s notice. Our support team is always available for your queries and needs.


6) One of many



Rest assured that neither you nor your institute will not be alone here at Neyyar app, instead, you’ll be joining an elite group of tutors that function as a community to help guide its members. You can ask questions, give tips and aid your fellow educators make the most out of their time and effort.


7) Mountain of features



We host numerous features on our app that make teaching a breeze for you. The advantages of online education need no elaboration but here is a quick overview of our features. Our beginner-friendly user interface helps institutions and teachers navigate and adapt to the digital age easily. Stay connected to your virtual classroom and observe the progress of your students, and interact with both parents and their children to discuss academics. Arrange classes both solo and as a group to ensure every batch of students get the right amount of attention. Listen, see and speak to your students via two-way audio, video, and online classes. Arrange both live and pre-recorded classes with or without whiteboarding facilities and so much more.


So why wait any further? Why waste your potential students? Join one of the fastest-growing ed-tech companies in the world and ensure your success.


Try the Neyyar app today!


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