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About Us

Neyyar App is an online educational marketplace that allows you to manage both online and offline classes. Neyyar App, with its user-friendly interface and features, is for anyone who has something to teach and an insatiable desire to learn. Aside from the traditional Learning Management System, Our App functions as a global marketplace where you can sell your courses online for free and receive unlimited marketing and student management support. Students can choose from a wide range of online courses, including free and paid options.

Tutors/Institutes can provide study materials, recorded classes, and tests to students in both online and offline classes via Our App. Learning is easy for students here because we promise education that is convenient for everyone!

Founder of Neyyar App

The team Neyyar App is led by Adv. Gireesh Neyyar, a lawyer, teacher and educational enthusiast with ample experience in education field and unending potency to bring life to dreams. His vision is guiding team Neyyar to be the best online educational marketplace in the nation and motivating the team to provide best-in-class service to the customers.

Born in a remote village of Thiruvananthapuram, Kallikkad, Gireesh Neyyar led an ordinary life with his family. He lost his mother at the age of 6, and it was when the miseries of his life began. Forced to drop his education at 8th standard, he engaged himself in various casual jobs like rubber-tapping and building houses to make a living. But he took all these as opportunities to empower the individual in him. Taking a driver’s license was his motivation to continue his studies after that dropout. Later on, his educational journey was a blend of hard work, determination, and miraculous victories. Completing his school education in Neyyar Dam Govt. In High School, he joined the University of Kerala where he completed his pre-degree and graduation in English literature. He also completed his law studies from the Govt. Law College, Thiruvananthapuram.

It was from the Law College where he got to know about the opportunities of Kerala PSC Exams. With consistent practice and hard work, Gireesh continued to learn more to prepare for the UPSC exam, and during the process, he topped in more than 20 rank lists of the Kerala PSC and secured different government jobs. Though he cleared the Civil Services Preliminary Exam in his very first attempt, his age became a hindrance to chasing his dreams. But it was not just a hindrance; it was a milestone in his life that made him stand still and think about the thousands of difficulties he had overcome. But his thought was different – How many of the talented youth would be residing in the villages of our Kerala, unable to reach their dream? His life was full of incidents that connected him to climbing step-by-step his life. But not everyone will be able to connect to their job like that; they’d need a mentor who can guide them along the way. After resigning his job as the Junior Employment officer, Gireesh Neyyar profoundly influenced those youth with a powerful brand name- Talent Academy.


Mission and Vision of Neyyar App

Team Neyyar App, is committed to make it easy for everyone to access the world of quality education-let it be teachers, students or content creators. The  mission and vision stands rigid with this statement like an oath of our dedicated team.


Neyyar App’s goal is to change the way education works, by creating a platform that is dynamic, open, and gives teachers the tools they need to create invaluable content and connect with eager students. At the same time, we want to give students a wide range of courses so they can follow their passions, advance in their careers, and improve their lives through a smooth and enriching educational journey.


To lead an educational marketplace for the entire globe, where teachers have the freedom to share their expertise without financial constraints, and students can explore a diverse array of courses, ensuring never ending learning and personal growth.

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