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How to Sell Online Courses: 8 Unavoidable Steps

Selling Profitable Online Courses: Step-by-Step Guide [2024] Online education is growing fast, and people are making a lot of money from it. There is no need to wonder that by this time your favorite content creator would have started selling your online course with their skills. Experts predict that the global online education market value […]

How to Boost your Profit from Online Course

Boost your Profit from Online Courses The initial days of selling courses online would be difficult. We need proper content for the course, proper marketing strategies, and testimonials from learners to reach more and more people. Consistently complete these tasks to create more opportunities for improvement. Enhance your online course profits by optimizing your website […]

Learn English for Competitive Exams

Learn English for Competitive Exams in Malayalam! When it comes to competitive exams that evaluate language proficiency, grammar plays a pivotal role. Proper grammar ensures clear communication and helps avoid misunderstandings. Understanding the rules of grammar is crucial for success in these exams. One key aspect of grammar is sentence structure. Sentences should have a […]

3 Reasons Why Testimonial are Important for Your Course

Testimonial for Online Course Standing out from the crowd is crucial in the competitive realm of online education. Moreover, testimonials serve as potent endorsements from satisfied students, playing a vital role in establishing credibility and trust for your course. In this blog, we’ll try to understand the significance of testimonials, examining the three distinct types, […]

Learn CBSE Class 10 Science with Neyyar App

CBSE Class 10 Science Courses in Neyyar App If you’re a Class 10 student gearing up for your CBSE Science exams and aiming to achieve academic excellence through a trusted online platform, the Neyyar App is your ultimate destination. This comprehensive learning solution is designed to cater to your educational needs, ensuring a continuous and […]

4 Reasons Why to Track Sales of Your Online Course

Track Sales of Your Online Course Tracking the sales of online course is important for many reasons. For the same reason, we have statisticians hired under roles like Business Analyst in MNCs. But when we talk about a seller of an online course, the market would be small and the tracking efforts also needn’t be […]

Download Neyyar App for Online Dance Class

Join Online Dance Class in Neyyar App Dance is an art form that transcends language. It is a journey in which the body and soul collaborate to make the floor flourish in terms of aesthetics. Many people find happiness in dancing, but they suppress their desire to find time for their busy lives. Now is […]

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