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Algebra Made Easy By Math Ek Khel

The significance of algebra in the competitive exam cannot in any way be minimized or overlooked.    Understanding the fundamentals in addition to the more advanced methods and strategies associated with this subject, could be the deciding factor in determining whether or not you cross the cut-off mark.    Students who are studying for governmental […]

online tutor

5 Essential Qualities of an Online Tutor

A great online tutor might just be the only reason a student falls in love with a subject or end up hating it. Whether in a real or a virtual class, the duty of an educator remains the same. This means that each and every one of the tutors has to overcome certain difficulties to […]

Calling all educators and educational institutions

There is no reason to debate whether the world will forever be indebted to teachers or not. Of course, we are!   If it were not for a dedicated English teacher, I wouldn’t be here typing, and you would not be here reading. Every teacher helps in setting the young generations on the right path […]

digital learning and teaching methods are better than conventional methods

The future of learning is digital. Here’s why!

Digital learning and online courses have become the norm nowadays, although we have followed our traditional teaching methods for thousands of years. There is little to no chance of completely replacing the old system, but there have been considerable changes in the educational system after introducing remote educational methods. This article plans to take a […]

amazing Online Apps for Work from home teachers

Amazing Online Tools for Remote Tutors

  Amazing Apps that make teaching online a breeze!   Online education is not a concept anymore. Ever since the pandemic opened the door for remote learning, this industry has rapidly evolved into a multi-billion dollar endeavour. As the technologies and demand grew, so did the workforce. Educational institutions and individual tutors have grown accustomed […]

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